About Iggs

Located in East Long Beach's Zaferia District, currently, Iguana Kelley's is home to Long Beach State University students, as well as the local Long Beach artist and musician communities.

Previously, established in 1925, The Rose Room first opened its doors to the hungry & thirsty people who made up the local German working-class community that comprised The Zaferia District. The Zaferia District, located along Anaheim Road (Now Anaheim Street), was an important Commercial Corridor. Commuters from as far away as The City of Orange and Anaheim frequented the Rose room, prominently located on busy Anaheim Road. Anaheim Road originally connected the Wilmington area to Orange County, and was an important transportation route for early settlers throughout Southern California. There was much commerce between Long Beach and Orange County cities such as Santa Ana – the Orange County Seat - and Anaheim. The Anaheim Road was the northern boundary for Long Beach proper for many years. Anaheim Road is one of the oldest and longest streets in southern L.A. County, named for its destination of Anaheim Town – literally, “Home near the Santa Ana River”. In 1960, The Rose Room closed its doors, and was later reopened as Iguana Kelley's. 

Locally Owned and Operated